From Your Concerned Ontario Doctors

Dear Premier Doug Ford,

    cc. Christine Elliott, Minister of Health
    cc. Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Long-Term Care
    cc. Andrea Horwath, NDP Leader
    cc. France Gelinas, NDP Health Critic
    cc. Teresa Armstrong, NDP Long-Term Care Critic

I am a resident of Ontario and concerned about our province's doctors and healthcare system. I value my doctor and want them to be treated fairly. Due to provincial government legislation passed in 1991 (OMA Dues Act), Ontario's doctors are mandated to pay the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) to be their negotiating body. However, now less than 8 percent of their approximately $54Million in annual dues is actually spent on negotiations. There is a profound lack of transparency on how millions of dollars are being spent by the OMA and all efforts by our doctors to bring accountability and transparency to the OMA have been blocked by the OMA.

I am very concerned about the recent undemocratic by-law changes the OMA has approved: physicians should have every right to elect all of their representatives in an open democratic process. Recent measures being undertaken by the OMA to muzzle and silence Ontario's doctors are appalling; freedom of speech must be protected. I am deeply concerned about the ongoing cuts to my healthcare. I want my doctor to be able to speak freely without fear to be able to advocate for me, their profession and our healthcare system. I want my doctor to be able to speak freely to protect the healthcare of Ontario's 14 million patients. All measures must be taken to protect the free speech of our province's doctors.

I call on the Government of Ontario to immediately repeal the OMA Dues Act and undertakeĀ a fully independent forensic review of the OMA overseen by a retired judge of the Ontario Court of Appeal or the Ontario Superior Court of Justice related to the actions taken by the OMA over the past six years as it relates to its stated purposes and objects, specifically addressing the:

    a) lack of financial transparency through a forensic audit and a value for money analysis;
    b) undemocratic governance and censorship practices by the OMA;
    c) expansion of OMA's scope beyond its legal mandate.

Thank you.

Concerned Ontario Patient

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Concerned Ontario Doctors

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