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Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are the foundation of our democracy, without which all of our other freedoms and liberties are mute. Ontario doctors must be protected from the muzzling and silencing attempts by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). Doctors' freedom of speech ensures the protection of patients through advocacy against harmful government actions and legislation. 

In 2018, Ontario already has one million patients without a family doctor, unprecedented emergency room gridlocks with stretchers with seniors endlessly lining hallway corridors, closure of operating rooms, cancellation of essential surgeries and wait times to see some specialists skyrocketing to more than three years. These reckless cuts had unilaterally been undertaken by the Ontario Liberal government and still continue today under the Ontario PC government averaging approximately $100 Million in frontline cuts each month as doctors are now into their eighth consecutive year of deep cuts to frontline patient care: unprecedented in the history of Canada's healthcare. The government has rationed your healthcare while expanding wasteful healthcare bureaucracy.

During the five years Ontario’s physicians were without a contract, the OMA did nothing. The OMA has passively stood by as Ontario governments have passed healthcare policies that hurt patients. The OMA is beholden to the government as it is the only medical association in Canada that is guaranteed $54 Million annually in mandatory dues from Ontario's doctors due to government legislation passed in 1991. The OMA has refused to be accountable and transparent to its mandatory members and blocked all efforts to achieve financial transparency on these millions in dues.  As doctors' calls grow louder for a fully independent forensic review of the OMA, the OMA has undertaken sweeping undemocratic by-law changes stripping doctors of any real voice in their own organization. The OMA is now set to silence doctors' voices to protect its own bureaucratic and financial interests. Ontario's patients and doctors deserve better. Please help to be the voice of change in Ontario's healthcare system and click below to sign the petition to protect democracy, to protect free speech and to protect your and your family's healthcare - to protect the healthcare of Ontario's 14 million patients.

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