Thursday March 24, 2016

Hoskins Hides Behind Political Spin and Ignores Patient Impact of Underfunded Healthcare System by Concerned Ontario Doctors

Monday February 29, 2016

Liberal 2016 Budget More Smoke & Mirrors with No Plan to Address Growing Physician Crisis by Concerned Ontario Doctors

Wednesday February 17, 2016

A Deadline to Transform Healthcare Gives Little Time for Genuine Input by Concerned Ontario Doctors

Monday February 8, 2016

an Open Letter from Concerned Ontario Doctors


Fix The Sunshine List First, Then Disclose Physicians' Billings

by Sohail Gandhi

'Alarming' number of docs feeling burnout: Concerned Ontario Doctors

by Sue-Anne Levy

Confessions Of A Doctor On The Brink Of Burnout

by Nadia Alam

Docs question Wynne’s cardiac care spending

by Christina Blizzard

Health minister 'crossing ethical lines': Brown

by Christina Blizzard

Mother’s experience in Burlington worries physician son about state of Ontario’s healthcare system

by Darren Cargill

The wrong response to Bill 210 and LHIN engagement sessions

by Paul Hacker

Dispute with doctors not quite 1986 deja vu

by Jim Merriam

Dear Premier Wynne, It's Not Too Late To Fix Health Care

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi

Dear Premier Wynne, It's (Still) Not Too Late To Fix Health Care

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi

Medicare’s not free

by Dr. Mark D'Souza

Ontario’s curious war with its doctors

by Kelly McParland

Ontario's Health Minister Is A Master Of Misdirection

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Doctors from Durham Region and across Ontario rally at Queen’s Park against health-care cuts

by Molly Kett

Doctors rally against health-care cuts at Queen's Park

by Nicole Thompson

Oakville, Halton doctors prepare for Toronto rally Saturday

by Julia Le

Peel doctors speak out against health care cuts

by Dr. Kulvinder Gill

Toronto needs to speak up about Liberals' health cuts

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Concerned Ontario Doctors ask for public’s support at April 23 rally

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Sudbury forum: Arbitration is the cure

by Dr. Charles Shaver

Desperation Is Setting In For The Ontario Liberals

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi

Ontario Politics, Propaganda And The Potential For Change

by Dr. Nadia Alam

The case for binding arbitration for Ontario doctors

by Dr. Charles Shaver

Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins feels heat over emergency room bottleneck in London

by Jonathan Sher

Additional $1M from province not enough after years of funding freezes - president

by PJ Wilsonr

Local hospitals call for action as province considers health care reform

by Joanna Frketich

Critical bed shortage for mentally ill in London raised at Queen’s Park

by Jonathan Sher

Alzheimer’s patient spent eight nights in ER

by Jonathan Sher

Doctor shortage critical

by Luke Hendry

It's Time To Eliminate Ontario's Costly And Ineffective LHINs

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi

JFAAP response to the Provincial “Patient First discussion paper”

by Jane Finch Action Against Poverty

Docs want PM to push Wynne for fair contract

by Antonella Artuso

Physician Protests Against Liberal Cuts Have Made Me An Activist

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Ontario's physicians want the public to see past the political spin on health cuts

By staff

Doctors fear ‘downfall’ of Midland's Georgian Bay General Hospital

by Ian Burns

Health system’s vital signs unstable

by Concerned Ontario Doctors

OMA uses new ad in fight with province

by Sue-Ann Levy

Durham Region "Port Perry Doctors Committed to Providing Palliative Care to Their Patients"

by Dr. Steven Russell and co

Orillia Packet "No Local Doc? No Luck"

by Mehreen Shahid

Huffington Post "How Important Is Patient Satisfaction in Health Care?"

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi

National Post "Bacchus Barua: Canada Is Failing to Deliver Health-care Services in a Timely Manner. Here’s Why"

by Bacchus Barua

The Whig "Time to Jettison Inefficient, Costly LHINs"

by Jim Merriam

Kingston Life "What's Up Doc?"

by Dr. Laura Kroeker

Simcoe "Looking Ahead: Simcoe-Grey MPP Eyes Improvements to Local Health Care in 2016"

by Ian Adams

The Whig "Health Ministry Lost in Jungle of Bureaucracy"

by Jim Merriam

Huffington Post "Physician Pay Cuts Are Closing Clinics Right Now"

by Dr. Nadia Alam

The Whig "Letter to the Editor, Dec. 30"

by Anne Lougheed

The Whig "New Doctor Feels Government Roadblocks Hampering Her Return Home to Windsor"

by Brian Cross

The Whig "Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29"

by Colleen Webster

Windsor Star "Doctors Concerned About Future of Health Care, Says New Medical Society President"

by Brian Cross

The Whig "Letters to the Editor, Dec. 24"

by Dr. Roberta Schellenberg

London Free Press "Fess Up, Hardeman Tells Health Minister"

by Jonathan Sher

Kenora Daily "Contract Issues Magnifying Recruitment and Retention Problems"

by Sheri Lamb

Toronto Sun "Doctors Fighting Back Against Wynne Government Cuts"

by Sue-Ann Levy

Simcoe "More Than 7,000 Babies Later, Midland Doctor Retiring"

by Jenni Dunning

London Free Press "Lack of Funding Forces Several London-region Hospitals to Halt Surgeries, Including Hip Replacements at St. Thomas Elgin"

by Jonathan Sher

Toronto Sun "Doctor's Meeting With Health Minister Hits Roadblock"

by Sue-Ann Levy

Hamilton Spectator "Dec 16: Nannies’ Pay A-OK, Plus Other Letters to the Editor"

by Dr. Mike Toth

Inside Belleville "Dr. Anne Muscat of the Marmora Medical Centre Leaving in Spring of 2016"

by Margriet Kitchen

London Free Press "Surgeons Blame Long Wait Times for Hip and Knee Replacements on Health Ministry for Short-changing London Region"

by Jonathan Sher

Conwall Standard Freeholder "Winchester Hospital Group Fears New Program"

by Lois Ann Baker

Waterloo Region Record "Letter to the Editor: Doctors Are Committed to High-quality Care"

by Dr. Mike Toth

Toronto Star "Childbirth Errors a Complex Story"

by Lesley Shore

Waterloo Region Record "Don’t Punish Doctors"

by Lorraine Williams

London Free Press "Health Minister Eric Hoskins Needs a Reality Check(up)"

by Richie Louis

London Free Press "Ontario Created Its Doctor Shortage"

by Lorrie Goldstein

Windsor Star "Forbidding New Doctors From Joining Family Health Teams Called a Backwards Step"

by Brian Cross

Windsor Star "Stop Politicizing Health Care"

by Dr. Christopher Byrne

CBC News "Grand River Hospital's 68 Job Cuts Will Affect Care, Nurse Predicts"

by Kate Bueckert

Huffington Post "The Prescription for Primary Care Isn't More Bureaucracy"

by Sohail Gandhi

London Free Press "Ontario Is Off-base Playing PR Hardball With Its Doctors, an Industry Insider Warns"

by Stephen Skyvington

CBC Hamilton "Mental Health Unit Closing at St. Joe's, Union Warns of More Cuts"

by Adam Carter

London Free Press "MPPs Attack ‘Broken’ Health Care System"

by Jonathan Sher

Waterloo Chronicle "Hardy Willms: Doctors Getting a Raw Deal"

by Hardy Willms

Bay Today "Brown Calls for End to North Bay Cuts"

by BayToday Staff

Barrie Examiner "Health Cuts Will Hurt Us All"

by Dr. Quynh Nguyen

Huffington Post "Ontario's Health-Care Cutbacks Are Starting to Affect Vulnerable Patients"

by Sohail Gandhi

Wellington Advertiser "Keeping New Medical Graduates Out of Hospitals May Not Be in Best Interest of Rural Areas: Gower"

by Mike Robinson

Ottawa Citizen "Denley: Government Plays Hardball With Doctors"

by Randall Denley

Toronto Sun "Irony in Health Minister's Meeting Delay With Doctor"

by Sue-Ann Levy

The Manitoulin Expositor "Addictions Doctor Christopher Sankey Weighs in on Health Cuts Affecting Manitoulin Patients"

by Robin Burridge

Huffington Post "Nurses Are Not Getting the Respect They Deserve"

by Sohail Gandhi

Toronto Sun "Wynne's Cuts Hurt New Docs"

by Sue-Ann Levy

Ottawa Citizen "Letter: Treat Physicians With Respect and Fairness"

by Charles S. Shaver

Toronto Sun "Docs Take Action Against Wynne Government"

by Sue-Ann Levy

Globe and Mail "Fee Cuts Pushing Ontario Doctors to Close Methadone Clinics"

by Elizabeth Church

Claim That the Loss of 50 Residency Positions Doesn’t Impact Access Misleading

by Dr. Stephen Cooper

Struggle to Get Medical Care in Ontario

by Sue-Ann Levy

Docs Fed Up With Wynne's Treatment

by Sue-Ann Levy

InsideHalton - "Patients Will Feel Pain of Additional Ontario Physician Funding Cuts"

by Dr. Suneel Upadhye

Huffington Post "Physicians, Patients Will Pay the Price for Liberal Healthcare Plan"

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Windsor Star "Health Care in Ontario Going Backwards"

by Dr. Darrin Cargill

Globe and Mail "Ontario Slashes Fees It Pays to Doctors Following Negotiations"

by Kelly Grant

London Free Press "What Patients Need to Know About Clawbacks"

by Dr. Mario Elia

Huffington Post "Ontario Needs More Doctors and Nurses, Not Bureaucrats"

by Sohail Gandhi

Globe and Mail "Wynne's Spin on Ontario's Doctors Not Supported by Facts"

by Douglas Mark

Toronto Sun "Inside Ontario's Bloated Health-care Bureaucracy"

by Dr. Mohammad Gandhi

Ottawa Citizen "Physicians Face Money Challenges"

by Dr. Charles Shaver

Toronto Star "Cuts to Doctor's Fees Put Ontarians at Risk"

by Dr. Ved Tandan

Huffington Post "The Ontario Health Minister's Math Doesn't Add Up"

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Ottawa Citizen "Fees for Physicians Treating Refugees"

by Dr. Charles Shaver

Huffington Post "Exposing a Doctor's Every Mistake Won't Help the Public"

by Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd

London Free Press "Letter: Doctors Grossly Underpaid"

by June Mocko

Huffington Post "Ontario's Health-Care Cutbacks Will Leave Vulnerable Patients Suffering"

by Sohail Gandhi

The Toronto Sun: "The Liberals: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul"

by Dr. Nadia Alam

The Ottawa Sun: "Stay Out of Federal Election, Patrick Brown Tells Wynne"

by Dani-elle Dube

Ottawa Citizen "The Consequences of Ontario's Rules for Doctors"

by Dr. Charles Shaver

Huffington Post "The Truth About Physician Pay"

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Windsor Star "Stop Politicizing Healthcare"

by Dr. Christopher Byrne

Huffington Post "Our Patients Need Care Not Cuts"

by Dr. Marta Fundamenski

The Toronto Sun "Ontario Created Its Doctor Shortage"

by Lori Goldstein

My NorthBay Now "LHINs Use Up Valuable Front-Line Health Dollars"

by Rocco Frangione

Huffington Post "Healthcare Gets Harder When Politicians Make Medical Decisions"

by Dr. Nadia Alam

Toronto Sun "Another Liberal Healthcare Scandal"

by Editorial

Peterborough Examiner "Local Health Care Isn't Healthy"

by Ralph L De Groot

Windsor Star "Doctors Launch Virtual Day of Action to Fight Fee Cuts"

by Brian Cross

Huffington Post "Ontario Needs More Doctors and Nurses, Not Bureaucrats"

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi

Global News "Ontario Opposition Leaders Warn Cuts to Doctors Fees Mean Longer Wait Times

by Keith Leslie

CTV Barrie "Local Doctors Concerned After Provincial Cuts"

by Mike Walker

Pulse "Why We Need to Listen to What Ontario Doctors Are Saying About Fee Cuts"

by Tracy Tremayne-Lloyd

Burlington Post "Patients Will Feel the Pain of Additional Ontario Physician Funding Cuts"

by Dr. Suneel Upadye

Globe and Mail "Letters: Doctors Fee Fights"

by Dr. Marlon Hershkop

Barrie Examiner "Health Cuts Will Hurt Us All"

by Dr. Quynh Nguyen

Huffington Post "Ontario's Health-Care Cutbacks Will Leave Vulnerable Patients Suffering"

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi

Globe & Mail "Ontario Medical Association Suing Province Over Cuts to Doctors' Fees"

by The Canadian Press

Health Law Blog "All the Pain and None of the Gain"

by Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd

Skedline "Ontario's Doctors Fear Exodus, Increased Spending as a Result of Health Cuts"

by Nathan MacLeod "Skin Expert Shortage Looming in Barrie"

by Sara Carson and Janis Ramsay

Toronto Sun "Incompetent Liberals Undermining Healthcare"

by Editorial

TVO "Doctors No Longer Have All the Power in Ontario's Healthcare"

by Steve Paikin

NorthBay Nugget "Critical Warning Issued by MDs"

by Sarah Moore

Globe & Mail "Ontario Doctors to Launch Charter Suit Against Province Over Fee Cuts"

by Elizabeth Church

Toronto Sun "Straight Talk on Healthcare?"

by Dr. Douglas Mark

Toronto Star "Ontario Doctors Say Liberal Goal of Balancing Budget Threatens Healthcare"

by Richard J Brennan

Toronto Sun "Cuts to Doctors' Fees Hurt Patients"

by Antonella Artuso

Globe and Mail. "Ontario Doctors Go on the Offensive in Wage Dispute."

by Elizabeth Church

Toronto Sun "OMA Launching Constitutional Challenge Against Doc Fee Cuts"

by Kevin Connor

Toronto Sun "Inside Ontario's Bloated Healthcare Bureaucracy"

by Dr. Sohail Gandhi


Why I Hope My Doctor Is Off Having a Cup of Tea

by Jodie Hardwick


Auditor General Report Confirms the Liberal Government’s Inability to Manage Health Care

by Jeff Yurek, MPP

Patient Access: A One-Week Observational Study

by Dr. Jason Profetto

Practice Location Preferences of Family Medice Residents of Ontario

by Dr. Brenna Velker


In Training "Ontario’s Health Care Cutbacks Are Affecting Medical Students"

by Andrew Micieli

From a Recent Family Medicine Graduate

by Anonymous Graduate


Ontario's Cardiac Care Infrastructure Collapsing Due to Government Budget Cuts

by Ontario Association of Cardiologists

Leaning In

by Dr. Taylor Lougheed

What Does “access” to Primary Care Really Mean?

by Dr. Kamila Premji

It’s Time to Re-establish the Lustre of the Family Physician

by Dr. Mario Elia

"Some Days You Can't Pay Me Enough"

by Dr. Amoeba

Less Isn’t More. Docs Know That, Gov’t Doesn’t

by Jon H. Johnsen

When Politicians Make Healthcare Decisions…

by Dr. Nadia Alam

The NGEP: Set Course for Disaster

by Dr. Taylor Lougheed

Clawbacks to Ontario MDs: The Absurdity of It All

by Dr. Mario Elia

Physician Activism - Is It Worth It?

by Dr. Gail Beck

Health Cuts: Make Them Pay at the Ballotbox

by Dr. Scott Wooder

More MOH Secrecy

by Dr. Mario Elia

Open Letter to Premier Wynne and Minister Hoskins

by A Family Doctor

What Doctors Charge vs Other Services

by Dr. Shawn Whatley

Clawbacks - It Could Get Ugly

by Dr. Scott Wooder

What's Happening to Healthcare in Ontario?

by Dr. Brooke Saunders

"Why the New Graduate Entry Program Is a Non-Offer"

by Dr. Mario Elia

"New Grad Entry Program: Design Failure for Both Patients and Doctors"

by Dr. Gail Beck

"Doctors Response to Cuts: Get a New Job?"

by Dr. Shawn Whatley

What Justice Winkler Did and Did Not Say

by Dr. Scott Wooder

Doctors' Guilt About Income Harms Patient Care

by Dr. Shawn Whatley

Some Days You Can't Pay Me Enough

by Dr. Amoeba

Did Doctors Get a 61% Raise?

by Dr. Shawn Whatley

Hospital Beds vs Bureaucrats

by Dr. Shawn Whatley

Will Ontario Liberals Set Cap on Total MPP Compensation?

by Dr. Mario Elia